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My Knit? Finished It.

Finished Scarf

I finished it and everything! This last bit of the project was all new. I’d never finished the ends of a piece of knitting before (isn’t that where mums come in?), or hidden the tails of wool on both ends, or tried to attach a button to some chunky knitting.

But will you look at that, I managed all three.

The scarf is delightfully warm and I’ve been wearing it every day. The beauty of the button is that you can make it as snug as you like. And because it’s short, you don’t have to struggle with the bulk of a long scarf’s tail tucked into your coat.

It’s been rather excellent. Bring on the next knitting project, Rebekka!

Knitting Update

Knitting Rebekka Seale's Scarf

I wrote about the Knitting 101 class that Rebekka Seale is teaching at Bleubird a couple of posts ago. This Monday I finally started on my scarf after finding some chunky yarn in just the right shade of red in the John Lewis’ haberdashery section.

Rebekka’s first knitting project features straight knit stitches. I’ve knitted before and I have just about mastered the plain knit stitch, but it always ends up an uneven, holey mess all the same. Not this time, though! With the stitch itself not too much of a challenge, I’ve finally been able to focus on producing a steady, straight scarf. The perfectionist in me is really happy. As is the recovering perfectionist, who decided something she already knew how to do wasn’t beneath her, but would be fun to do and not as frustrating as expecting yourself to be brilliant at something new.

The wintery London resident in me without a scarf to match my long, multi-coloured plaid wintercoat is also really happy! My coat is a mix of cream, orange, maroon, pink and red. Try finding a scarf that matches in the shops…

I need to knit another 4 to 6 inches before binding off and adding a button. I’ll report back, soon hopefully! Chunky yarn sure speeds up the process.


Rustic Bread, a Bit of Knitting and a Lost Purse

Jim Lahey's No Knead Bread


Today was a bit of a mixed bag!

It started well enough, with delicious fresh bread, which is always a winner. I made Jim Lahey’s No Knead Bread with 50% spelt flour. I was a little concerned it wouldn’t rise well due to the different gluten content in spelt flour, but it came out looking and tasting great.

The Londoner and I then went for a big walk in Hyde Park (pictures to follow, featuring geese kung-fu) and dropped by Wholefoods.

Unfortunately, sometime during the hour and a half that followed, I lost or was skilfully separated from my purse. Ugh. Bank cards, credit cards, some cash, my driving license…

Not much I could do about it though. I dropped by the Metropolitan Police and had a laugh with the officer filing my missing item report. Due to my dad being a police officer, I have a strange kind of pavlov reflex in police stations where I instantly relax when I step through the door. There was a bit of banter while we got it all sorted, which made the whole situation much more enjoyable than it logically should have been.

I just got home to look at the report they gave me, to find it starts as follows. I know it wasn’t exactly smart to lose my purse or be pickpocketed, but this seems a bit harsh!

In More Exciting News

I discovered Rebekka Seale’s website quite recently, and have been loving every post. Her photography is amazing, and she spins the most beautiful yarn from the wool of local animals. She’s a brilliant knitter too.

And lucky me, and anyone else wanting to learn more about knitting, she’s writing a series of knitting lessons for complete beginners. I can just about knit a scarf, but I have so much to learn. In this course, she’ll be covering scarves, hats and cowls – and with winter all around, who can’t use those? If you’d like to join in, please find the lessons here, on friend James from Bluebird Blog’s website.

List It Tuesday: Overheard

You’d think a 16 year old girl in central London would have seen an impaired pigeon before…

Of course, it’s only now that spell check throws up that my automatic spelling of “pigeon” (“pidgeon”) is incorrect that I realise this, and the spelling error in my illustration for this week’s topic. Oh well, here’s to spontaneous illustrations with the odd error. It’s not the first time! ;) Perhaps it’s a good theme for another List It Tuesday week: words that trip you up every time! :)

Joining in – on time this week – with Aimee’s wonderful List It Tuesday initiative. To see more entries and find out next week’s topic, join the fun here.

List Tuesday

I’m excited to be joining the wonderful Aimee from Artsyville in List Tuesday.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good list – it helps focus the mind and keep track of things. If you write it down, you don’t have to worry about remembering it any longer. Handwritten lists are the best, because you get the satisfaction of crossing items off.

This week’s theme is “goals from now until the end of 2012″.

For next week’s topic and to join in, you’ll have to check out Aimee’s post!

That’s a Wrap!

Gift wrapped for wonderful Alice :)

This is the gift I put together for my lovely friend Alice. I’d recently received some beautiful twine as part of an order from Studio Carta (credit where it is due: Geninne posted about this wonderful webshop last week).

The wrapping paper was made using some thick A3 copier paper and a hand-carved stamp. I used a blue stamp pad… Mostly. (Can you see the smidgen of pink on the top edge of the parcel? :)

I used washi tape to secure the paper and then tied the cotton twine. It also looped into a small glassine envelope with a made-to-measure light blue card. I stamped the message on the front of the card using one of these, and scribbled a personal message on the back. Done!

It was so much more fun than using store-bought wrapping paper – I’m itching to try more!

PS. The gift inside was a copy of Nora Ephron’s inspiring and funny “I Remember Nothing“.

Minty Fresh

mintwatercolourI’ve got next week off work, and apart from a two day trip to the south west of England (more about that later, I hope), there is absolutely nothing I have to do. After all the travelling back and forth between the Netherlands and Cambridge and London and Cambridge, that feels so good.

So what do you do on days off with no purpose or tasks? You draw and paint a bit at your new desk. I decided to try something new – ink lines with very loose watercolour painting.

Mint, because with my sore legs, the cooling sensation of fresh mint is the stuff of dreams. I’m about to jump in the tub with this soothing mint foot scrub stuff from Rituals to see if that’ll bring some relief.

PS. As per usual, I’m still getting the hang of this scanning business so the colours look better in real life.

Illustration Friday | Boundaries

This week’s word for Illustration Friday was BOUNDARIES.


A white picket fence, clichéd but comfortable, guards the flowers in the garden, the comfort, safety and joys of home. It’s the physical barrier that symbolises, to me, a mental boundary. I’m home now – no more stress or worries.

Small detail – the picket fence has ten vertical slats, because the world boundaries has ten letters.

PS. Turns out the hardest part about sharing your painting online is the scanning… this looks a little softer in real life.

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